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Charon QC Lawcasts

Index of Contents

The Charon lawcasts are hosted on Insite Law Magazine.

The podcasts are all contained on the podcasts page but are also categorised as follows:

Master Page | Civil Liberties | Legal Education | The Bar | Solicitors | US & Canadian lawyers | West London Man Satire | The Lord of Misrule



The latest Lawcasts are set out below:

  Lawcast 120: Paul Marsh, President of The Law Society, on the future of the profession after recession.

Today I am talking to Paul Marsh, the President of The Law Society of England & Wales.

We live in difficult and interesting times.I talk to Paul Marsh about a range of topics including his thoughts on the recession, how the law society is helping solicitors during these difficult days, the recent rise of nearly 10 per cent in fees for the Legal Practice Course by three London providers - BPP, the College of Law and Kaplan.and his thoughts on the future of the profession after the recession.

Listen to the podcast

  Lawcast 119: Access to Justice denied? Legal Aid... or the lack of it.

Today I am talking to Steve Hynes the director of the Legal Action Group.

Listen to the podcast

  Lawcast 118: Nottingham Law School on the development in the LPC for Autumn 2009

Today I am talking to members of the the LPC Team at Nottingham Trent University Bob White Course director and his colleagues, Jane Ching and Fiona Cunningham. Nottingham Law School runs one of the leading LPC courses in the country and is the only law school to have an unbroken record of Excellent rating (or top ratings under the new rating scheme) in the the country.

Listen to the podcast

  Lawcast 117: Kevin Brown, Manchester University on doing a Ph.D and a career in academe.

Today I am talking to Kevin Brown, an associate lecturer at the university of Manchester as part of my series of podcasts on current issues in legal education and career opportunities for students.  As Kevin is doing a Ph.d I am taking the opportunity to discuss what is involved in doing a Ph.D and what career opportunities there are in the academic world or elsewhere following completion of the doctorate.

Listen to the podcast with Kevin Brown

  Lawcast 116: Professor Geoffrey Alderman on standards in UK Universities.

Today I am talking to Professor Geoffrey Alderman, a historian with many years of distinguished academic service including a spell as Chairman of the Academic Council of the University of London and (1992-93) Pro Vice-Chancellor for Academic Standards.

Geoffrey Alderman has campaigned long and hard for quality standards in our universities and yesterday appeared before the Commons Select Committee to put his views and answer questions.

Listen to the podcast with Geoffrey Alderman


Lawcast 115: Dr Paul Mason on the Innocence Network UK

Today I’m talking to Dr Paul Mason Senior Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Research at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. He is Chair of the UK Innocence Network Committee and co-ordinates the Cardiff Nexus Innocence Project. He also runs the Prison Media Monitoring Unit and edited [jc2m] Journal for Crime, Conflict and Media Culture 2004-6.Today we are going to talk about the Innocence Network, how it works, who is involved and what benefits it brings to client and all involved.

Listen to the podcast

  Lawcast 114: Gerry Riskin, founder of Edge International - Law practice in these recessionary times

Today I’m talking to Gerry Riskin, a Canadian lawyer and Business School graduate with a global reputation.

Listen to the podcast

John Flood's Random Academic Thoughts (RATs) Blog


Lawcast 113: Professor John Flood on the rise in fees for the Legal Practice Course

Today I am talking to Professor John Flood.  we’re going to be examining the rising cost of legal education in the light of the recent decision by three London Law Schools, BPP, The College of Law and Kaplan, to put their fees for the legal practice course up by nearly ten per cent at a time when the profession and the country generally is experiencing the most severe recession since the 1930s.

Listen to the podcast with John Flood


Lawcast 112: James Welch, Head of Legal for Liberty

Today I am talking to James Welch, Head of Legal for Liberty, the cross-party organization for the protection of civil liberties and human rights.  Liberty was one of the sponsors the recent Convention on Modern Liberties and Shami Chakrabarti the director of Liberty is well known through television, radio and press coverage for promoting the views and interests of Liberty.We talk about the history, aims and objectives of Liberty and three topical and current issues of our times: ID Cards, the use of torture and freedom of speech.

Listen to the podcast with James Welch


  Lawcast 111: US lawyer Dan Harris on China

Today I m talking to Dan Harris, a US lawyer, a co-founder of law firm Harris & Moure  in Seattle, Washington and co-author with law firm partner Steve Dickinson  of the China Law Blog.

Listen to the podcast

Lawcast 110: A report from the Convention on Modern Liberty

Short podcast with blogger, Oedipus Lex: A report from the Convention on Modern Liberty - Listen to the Podcast




Lawcast 109: The Jack Straw veto on FOI disclosure of Cabinet Minutes relating to the decision to go to war with Iraq

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, barrister, ex government lawyer and author of the Head of Legal blog about Jack Straw's use of the veto under s.53 Freedom of Information Act 2000
Listen to the report with Carl Gardner


  Lawcast 108: Michael Burdett
Today I am talking to Michael Burdett, a solicitor and consultant with HCL Hanne & Co in London. He is a past-president of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association and founder committee member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association.

In last week’s Law Society Gazette, Michael Burdett wrote an article entitled UNBALANCING THE SCALES OF JUSTICE -  the sub headline for which was "The Legal Services Commission is colluding with ministers to undermine the the rights of suspects and defendants…."

Listen to the podcast with Michael Burdett

  Lawcast 107: Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO of BPP Law School on the LPC and legal education today.

Today I am talking to Peter Crisp, Dean and Chief Executive of BPP Law School and Alison Wells, Director of the LPC programme, about BPP’s new LPC plans and the state of legal education in these recessionary times generally.

Listen to the podcast with Peter Crisp and Alison Wells


Lawcast 106: Roger Smith, Director of Justice, on civil liberties and human rights.
Today I am talking to Roger Smith OBE a solicitor who has been director of JUSTICE since November 2001. He has been director of legal education and training at the Law Society; director of the Legal Action Group; solicitor to the Child Poverty Action Group and director of West Hampstead Community Law Centre. He is an honorary professor at the University of Kent and a visiting professor at London South Bank University.

Roger explains what Justice does… but we then discuss the concerns raised by Lord Phillips, the former Chief Justice and now senior Law Lord, and the concerns of Sir Ken McDonald, David davies, former MI5 Chief Stella Rimington and even David Blunkett, a former Home secretary only today,  that our liberties are being eroded needlessly.

Listen to the podcast with Roger Smith

Justice Website


West London Man 25: The La Guardia Archipelago

Following his arrest at La Guardia Airport in New York City (Episode 24), George has been relieved of the diamonds and jewelry he received from financier Bernard Madoff and is now a guest of the American authorities in a nearby detention center.

Download the script



Lawcast 105: Ron Baker on Value pricing, value billing and the billable hour

Today I am talking to Ronald J. Baker who started  his accounting career in 1984 with KPMG Peat Marwick’s Private Business Advisory Services in San Francisco. Today, he is the founder of VeraSage Institute, a think tank dedicated to teaching Value Pricing to professionals around the world

Listen to the podcast with Ron Baker


Lawcast 104: With Ian Parker-Joseph, Leader of The UK Libertarian Party

Today I am talking to Ian Parker-Joseph MD of Parker-Joseph Consulting, crisis management, and elected NCC member of the Libertarian Party, UK which he now leads.

Listen to the podcast with Ian Parker-Joseph


Lawcast 103: Carl Gardner on the Lords judgment in Qatada

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, barrister, ex government lawyer and author of the Head of Legal blog about the House of Lords Qatada judgment and the aftermath ….

Listen to the report with Carl Gardner


  Lawcast 102: Usefully Employed on developments in Employment Law

Today I’m talking to solicitor turned barrister, the author of the Usefully Employed blog about developments in Employment Law.

We discuss: Redundancy generally given the downturn, collective consultation and the impact on law firms - The British jobs issue at the oil refinery and, now, at Radcliffe power station - The imminent repeal in April of the dispute resolution procedures, the replacement provisions & the resulting new Acas codes of practice.

Listen to Podcast 102

Carl Gardner



Lawcast 101: Charon reports on the Geert Wilders affair...

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, barrister, writer, ex government lawyer and author of the Head of Legal blog about the possibly unlawful exclusion of Geert Wilders.

Wilders has been excluded under regulations 19(1) and 21 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, which faithfully copy out and implement the requirements of article 27 of Directive 2004/38 on the rights of EU citizens to move freely.

Listen to Podcast 101



Lawcast 100: Dan Hull, founder of US law firm Hull McGuire on the credit-crunch, law firms and the future

Welcome to my 100th Podcast interview with movers, shakers, practitioners and pundits from  the wonderful world of law…  practice and academe.

Today I am talking to Dan Hull, founder of Hull McGuire PC with Julie McGuire. Dan, A litigator and lobbyist with life-long professional ties to Washington, D.C practices in the areas of commercial litigation (primarily U.S. federal courts and ADR abroad), environmental law, employment practices law, and legislative affairs.  He is also the founder of the well known and well regarded WhatAbout Clients? Blog which, at weekends turns itself into the WhatAboutParis? Blog.

We talk about The credit-crunch - law firm redundancies - the 'knowledge gap' - the Billable hour v Flat fee controversy and more...

Listen to Podcast 100

  Lawcast 99: Bonfire of more vanities…Charon reports…
Today, Prime Minister’s Questions was a cross between Richard III and a Brian Rix Farce. Gordon Brown shuffled to his feet in a manner, to me at least, as if he was reprising Olivier’s introduction to Richard III… “And now is the winter of my discontent made gloriously worse by this ex Chairman of HBOS…”

Charon reviews the events of the day...

  Lawcast 98: Neville Hobson on Communication, PR, Twitter and other social media.

Today I am talking to Neville Hobson, a communicator, blogger and podcaster, one of the leading European early adopters and influencers in social media communication for business. We talk about PR, Twitter, Facebook, Linken-in and future of media in a changing world.

Listen to Podcast 98

A series of Podcasts on The Bar, pupillage, reform and practice
Tim Dutton QC, qua Chairman of The Bar | Simon Myerson QC | Alexander Learmonth, Chair Young Barrister's Committee | Law Girl | Ella Shaw | Law Minx | Jon McLeod on the Wood Report.

Listen to the series of podcasts


  Lawcast 97: Ella Shaw, pupil at 4 Brick Court, London on her experience of Family Law pupillage

Today I am talking to Ella Shaw a pupil barrister with Jacqui Gilliatt, a well known member of the Bar  at 4 Brick Court, a leading Family Law set.  We are going to talk about what she has discovered during her pupillage and her hopes for tenancy and beyond.

Listen to Podcast 97

Pic:Marcus Lyon

  Lawcast 96: Alexander Learmonth, Chairman, Young Barristers Committee of The Bar Council

Today I am talking to Alexander Learmonth, Chairman of The Young Barristers Committee of the Bar Council. Called in 2000, Alex is a member of NewSquare Chambers. I talk to Alex about the realities facing young members of the bar and his advice for students contemplating a career at the bar or who are doing the BVC now and the prospects for pupillage and tenancy.

Listen to Podcast 96: Alexander Learmonth, Chairman, Young Barristers Committee of The Bar Council

  Lawcast 95: Law Girl's quest for pupillage and a career at The Bar

Today I am talking to a prospective barrister who blogs under the name LAWGIRL. She has completed her undergraduate degree, has an LLM and is currently doing an MA in legal & political theory. She is due to do the Bar Vocational Course in September at the Inns of Court School of Law. We’re going to talk about her thoughts on legal education and the prospects for young barristers.  This is most timely, because next week, I am going to be doing a podcast with Alexander Learmonth, Chairman of The Young Barristers Committee at the Bar Council about the very same issues.

Listen to Podcast 95

  Lawcast 94: US lawyer Victoria Pynchon on ADR, mediation and settlement in the USA

Today I am talking to Victoria Pynchon, a US lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. She was a commercial litigator and trial attorney for 24 years before shifting her practice from representing clients in court to helping lawyers settle lawsuits hat involve greater risk, expense or time than their clients wish to expend. She this work through Judicate West Dispute Resolution Services, serves as a private judge (arbitrator) for the American Arbitration Association is an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University and blogs at IP ADR and Settle it now. Interestingly Vicky also acts as a sherpa for Blawg Review the international rolling carnival of law bloggers and is on Twitter

Listen to Podcast 94

  Lawcast 93: Judge John L Kane on the war on drugs

Today I am talking to John L. Kane , a senior District Judge in Denver, Colorado, United States.  John has very robust views on the War on drugs and the antiquated Rules of Civil Procedure and the extent to which judges have stopped adjudicating in courts in order to meet the Tsunami of data generated in this information age.

Listen to Podcast | Transcript of Podcast interview

  Lawcast 92: The Rt Hon Lord Hunt of Wirral - Call for Evidence

The Law Society of England & Wales has decided to initiate an independent Review of the regulation of lawyers and law firms. Today I am talking to The Rt Hon Lord Hunt of Wirral who has been invited to head the review. Lord Hunt is calling for evidence from the entire legal profession as part of his Law Society-commissioned review of regulation.

Listen to Podcast

  Lawcast 91: City Unslicker on the current financial crisis

Today I am talking to one of the authors of the influential Captalists@Work blog. There are three contributors. City Unslicker, Nick Drew and Bill Quango MP. This blog is, in my view, a must read for any lawyer who is interested in the City and who works in the corporate-commerical sector. In fact.. I would go further and say that all lawyers will benefit from reading it.

Listen to Podcast

  Lawcast 90: Mark Bennett, a criminal defense lawyer from Texas on the jury and the art of advocacy

Today I am talking to Mark Bennett, a lawyer from Houston, Texas who specializes in Criminal defense work. Mark is also the author of the Defending People blog - the art and science of criminal defense trial lawyering.

Listen to Podcast

  Lawcast 89: In conversation with US attorney Cathy Gellis

Today I’m talking to Cathy Gellis, a US attorney from California, author of the Statements of Interest blog and who is also exploring the delights of twitter.

Listen to Podcast

  Lawcast 88: Student complaints to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator

Today I am talking to Solicitor Andrew Johnson of Walker Morris in Leeds about the Office of the Independent Adjudicator and the astonishing statistic that over 10% of student complaints referred to the OIA are brought by law students.

Listen to Podcast

West London Man 24: Diamonds are not forever


Finally rid of their unwanted house guests, failed American vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family, George and Caroline decamped West London for a three-week break over Christmas, skiing in Verbier, France. Now home, the children are staying with Caroline’s parents before returning to their Montessori school next week. George has poured himself the better half of a bottle of Burgundy and is settling down to catch up with his reading in the financial press. Caroline walks into the drawing room with a package.....

Script and podcast | Other episodes of West London Man

More Podcasts








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