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Charon QC is the pseudonym of Mike Semple Piggot who writes the Charon QC blog.

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Mike Semple Piggot

Charon QC is the pseudonym of Mike Semple Piggot who writes the Charon QC blog.

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Charon QC podcasts: The Lord of Misrule

The Charon lawcasts are hosted on Insite Law Magazine. In this section I have listed various podcasts on the lighter (or darker) side of life: Charon reports - Charon After Dark - Various non-law podcasts.

ABOVE THE LAW hosts Blawg Review #204


Have a look at Above The Law... | Geeklawyer Blawg Review #203


Christmas podcast…. with Geeklawyer…and other nonsense...

Listen to the podcast

Podcast 62: A call to The Duke of Edinburgh on a premium rate line

Podcast 68: Ms R - a Woman of Experience
Tonight I am talking to Ms Robinson, the author of the Woman of Experience blog. I am not entirely sure if this podcast should be in my ‘podcast’ series’ or be one of my “Charon After Dark” podcasts. What I can tell you is that Ms R is a good writer, has a great blog

Podcast 78: With the author of Anonymous Assistant




Charon reports...

Podcast 99: Bonfire of more vanities…Charon reports…

Snapshot 23 January: To err is human and other matters….

State of the nation…

Charon Reports 13: The People’s Banks….

Charon Reports (11): A man with a plan…

Charon Report (10): Day Two, Tory Conference

Charon Report (9): From The Tory Party Conference…

Charon Reports (8): From Lambeth Palace

Charon Reports (7): From The Labour Party Conference 2008

Charon Report 6: From the Cabinet War Rooms, London

Charon Report 5: Financial meltdown?

Charon Report 4: The Great British Airlift 2008

Charon Reports 3: A good week for lawyers?…

Charon Reports 2: Credit-crunch bites lawyers…

Charon Reports 1: From Chancery Lane, London 11.50 hrs



Charon goes walkabout...

Geeklawyer meeting in Covent Garden

A brisk walk to Trafalgar Square, London

Sicilian Avenue, Holborn London


Charon After Dark ...

So.. it is late on a Friday night… time for a bit of piano… a bit of chat… see what the week has been doing…. a bit of law, Dacregate, Geeklawyer on European legislation is covered on my Postcard from the Boat due tomorrow… and my guitar just had to gently weep.

Charon after Dark: Obama special edition

Charon dark after dark…I am thinking….

A bit of Pink Floyd, a visit to Geeklawyer’s website - PCSOs take my hedge into custody and other matters.



Charon podcasted...

Charon interviewed not by BBC but by Natasha Phillips

Charon podcasted by John Bolch, Family Lore











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